Bukahra Punjabitm is a UK/EU fully food licenses business. We spend a great amount of time and effort to insure that, not only do our products and factory meet the highest standards but also our suppliers. We only used the finest ingredients in our products, and we only cook using the same ingredients as we would use if we were cooking at home. This means to cook a delicious curry you have to keep an authentic recipe. That's why our curries and sauces are cooked using fresh onions, and ingredients. We kept our promise to customers and have never added any flour or wheat to our curries. Our production facility is continuously quality tested and our products never leave our facility before we are absolutely certain the quality is up to the highest of standards. We truly believe that making a delicious and authentic Punjabi curry is all in the detail.

All of our products are thoroughly documented. This enables us to trace back every ingredient we have used right back to the source. We pack all of our products in microwave proof container, which are heat sealed on top with clear film and then boxed; this means that all of our products are air tight to provide a long shelve life, and are also temper proof.